KELA’s Future of Cybercrime podcast is dedicated to helping security teams succeed with cybercrime threat intelligence.
In each episode, Zaira, will interview a security practitioner to distill best practices, lessons learned, and actionable takeaways to help listeners succeed in defending their organization from cybercrime.
  • Episode 12
    March 23
    30 min

    Tips for Researchers When Working with Cyber Journalists from SecurityWeek

    In this episode of the Future of Cybercrime podcast, Zaira speaks with Eduard Kovacs, a contributing editor to SecurityWeek. They discuss Eduard’s decade-long background as a cybersecurity journalist, the evolving trends in cybercrime over the past decade, the collaborative relationship between journalists and cybersecurity researchers, and how information is obtained from underground forums.

  • Episode 11
    March 9
    43 min

    Reporting on the World of Cybercrime with Journalist Mathew J. Schwartz

    In this episode, Zaira speaks to Mathew J. Schwartz, Executive Editor at Data Breach Today and an award-winning journalist. They discuss how Mathew was drawn to writing about cybersecurity for a career, how journalists can better seek out the truth to cyber crime situations and not let criminals control the narrative, and the evolution of business resiliency to breaches and attacks.

  • Episode 10
    February 27
    45 min

    Protecting People and Society: 30 Years of Cybersecurity with CSS/CISO Joseph Carson

    In this episode, Zaira speaks to Joseph Carson, Chief Security Scientist and Advisory CISO at Delinea. With nearly thirty years in the industry, Carson discusses how he’s seen cybersecurity evolve, how ethical hacking is a skill and a mindset rather than a crime, and why security should focus not on protecting computers but protecting people and society.

  • Episode 9
    February 9
    42 min

    Alex Tilley of Dell Secureworks on How to Evolve Threat Intelligence as the Cybercrime Underground Grows

    In this episode, Zaira Pirzada speaks to Alex Tilley, APAC Intelligence and Research head at Dell Secureworks. During the episode, Zaira and Alex discuss what security teams do right and where they can improve in their never-ending battle against threat actors.

  • Episode 8
    January 26
    45 min

    Sr. Incident Responder Harlan Carvey Pulls Back the Curtain on Cybercrime Underground from Responder and Attacker Perspective

    In this episode, Zaira Pirzada speaks to Harlan Carvey, Senior Incident Responder, R&D at Huntress. During the episode, they talk about how today’s current incident response business model can be improved to promote better threat intelligence gathering and collaboration.

  • Episode 7
    January 12
    47 min

    Philipp Amann on The Global Fight Against Cybercrime

    As technology continues to advance and evolve, so does our society and, with it, the changing nature of how we combat cybercrime. A significantly increasing portion of law enforcement is now dedicated to upholding safety and security on the internet. This involves protecting victims from online crimes and ensuring that the laws are being followed across geographical boundaries and digital domains. 

    In this episode of the Future of Cybercrime podcast, Zaira Pirzada speaks with Dr. Philipp Amann, Head of Strategy at the European Cybercrime Centre (Europol). Philipp and Zaira talk about fighting cybercrime from a global perspective. 

  • Episode 6
    December 29
    42 min

    Etay Maor on Threat Intelligence Research

    In this episode of the Future of Cybercrime podcast, Zaira Pirzada speaks with Etay Maor, Senior Director of Security Strategy at Cato Networks. Etay provides fascinating insights into his work as a threat intelligence researcher during the show.

  • Episode 5
    December 15
    37 min

    Matthew Swenson on Cybercrime Investigations

    There are different types of cybercrime, and the threat actors range from sophisticated criminal organizations to lone hackers. Understanding an attacker’s motivation and technical skill level can enhance your ability to respond to cyber incidents and conduct data breach investigations and analyses.

    In this episode of the Future of Cybercrime podcast, Zaira speaks with Senior Vice President for Investigations at IR, Inc., Matthew Swenson. During the show, Matt and Zaira provide a fascinating look at the different types of cybercrime and the evolution of threat actors.

  • Episode 4
    December 1
    45 min

    Rhyner Washburn on Academic Cybersecurity Research

    In order to protect our data and systems, we need to develop new methods and tools for safeguarding them against attack. Academic researchers are at the forefront of developing new strategies for protecting our data and systems from cyberattacks. They are constantly exploring new ways to secure our networks, defend our systems, and prevent unauthorized access.

    In this episode of the Future of Cybercrime podcast, Zaira speaks with Cyber Intelligence Researcher at the National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism (START) at the University of Maryland, Rhyner Washburn. During the show, Rhyner and Zaira discuss cybersecurity research in academia and private companies.

  • Episode 3
    November 17
    32 min

    Saurabh Chaudhary on Why You Should Engage with Threat Actors to Protect Your Organization

    When it comes to the cybercrime underground, threat intelligence is critical. By understanding threats in the cybercrime underground, organizations can take steps to protect themselves from these dangers.

    In this episode, host Zaira Pirzada speaks with independent cyber intelligence researcher Saurabh Chaudhary. During the show, Saurabh and Zaira take a deep dive into the value of threat intelligence and how practitioners can use it to protect their organizations.

  • Episode 2
    November 3
    40 min

    Greg Otto on How Cybersecurity Journalists Contribute to Better Security

    Cybersecurity journalists play an essential role in educating the public about the risks of cyberattacks and the importance of protecting their data. They also help keep businesses and individuals informed about the latest security threats and how to protect themselves.

    In this episode, host Zaira Pirzada speaks with Greg Otto, Editorial Director at Trail of Bits. During the show, Zaira and Greg explore the ins and outs of cybersecurity journalism and why it matters and shares some of the challenges.

  • Episode 1
    October 19
    45 min

    Scott Small on Using Cybercrime Threat Intelligence to Inform Security Decisions

    In our first episode, Zaira chats with renowned security and intelligence practitioner, Scott Small shares insights from his research and analysis, including how organized threat actor groups are lowering the barrier to entry for performing malicious activity.