KELA’s market-leading platform penetrates the hardest-to-reach places to automatically collect, analyze, monitor, and alert on emerging threats coming from the cybercrime underground.

Built on our unique, historical security data lake, KELA’s end-to-end cybercrime threat intelligence platform supports organizations in preventing potential cyber-attacks by making the complex world of the cybercrime simple and accessible. It consists of three products, each designed with a unique purpose to serve the organization’s needs:

  • Risk Assessment, Integration, and Dissemination

    Act and Prevent

    Integrate into your security stack and reduce your cybercrime attack surface with threat alerts, real-time measurement of risk, and tailored recommendations for mitigation.

  • Cybercrime Investigations

    Research and Threat Hunting

    Leverage the power of KELA’s cybercrime security data lake to investigate and analyze cybercrime threats anonymously and in real-time.

  • Cybercrime Attack Surface Intelligence

    Monitor and Analyze

    Discover and identify your cybercrime attack surface as seen from the eyes of attackers by monitoring cybercrime sources for essential organization assets.