Leverage the power of KELA’s cybercrime security data lake to investigate and analyze cybercrime threats anonymously and in real-time.

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  • Real-Time Data Collection
    KELA’s platform automatically and continuously collects information from hard-to-reach, dynamic cybercrime sources.
  • Unique Image Analysis Features
    The platform collects text, images and other meta-data from its sources and applies image analysis to extract critical intelligence from images in a searchable format.
  • Complete Anonymity and Safety
    KELA’s cybercrime intelligence platform serves as an anonymous proxy to search and access the different sources in real-time, without breaking any security or compliance policies or attracting unwanted attention.

How can you benefit from KELA’s cybercrime investigations license?

  • CONDUCT IN-DEPTH RESEARCH User-friendly search functionality with advanced features empower users to research anything in the cybercrime underground.
  • DEEPEN YOUR INVESTIGATION Pre-defined queries on the latest trending subjects or custom alert notifications keep you continually informed on what you truly need to know.
  • ACCESS FINISHED INTELLIGENCE Gain full access to research from KELA’s world-class Cyber Intelligence Center. Browse through the platform’s Finished Intelligence Feed to gain insights from our intelligence experts about recent ransomware events, network accesses, database leaks, and other cybercrime threats.

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