INTELACT provides visibility into an organization’s attack surface as seen from the eyes of potential attackers. With easily actionable alerts, real-time measurement of risk and tailored recommendations for mitigation, INTELACT helps SMBs and MSSPs stay on top of threats to ensure that they protect themselves or their clients.


INTELACT narrows down your attack surface by focusing on the most significant cyber security risks, so that even organizations without a dedicated threat intelligence team can gain actionable insights to stay ahead of potential attackers.

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INTELACT simplifies security assessments by calculating a risk level in real time, so that organizations can understand their exposure and prioritize their response. Maintain a reduced attack surface by continually lowering your risk level through actionable insights.


INTELACT automatically and continuously monitors millions of leaked records to identify breaches that directly impact your organization. Alerts, prioritized based on their levels of risk, help you understand your exposure and determine appropriate actions to take.


INTELACT offers tailored recommendations that enable you to focus on specific solutions and quickly reduce your risk of attack. Manage security incidents by resolving alerts directly through your workspace and reducing your overall risk level.


INTELACT offers easy-to-use collaborative workflows. Bookmark and resolve alerts, or leave notes and attachments for other team members. A multi-tenant design enables organizations everywhere to monitor, measure and respond to diverse workspaces.


The cybercrime underground ecosystem is constantly mutating and evolving. Its most harmful operations are hidden in its darkest corners. KELA penetrates these hard-to-reach corners to automatically collect and analyze this information. KELA’s data lake, the hub where all of this information is securely stored, is the source of all of our intelligence operations. Built with cybercriminal methodologies in mind, KELA’s technologies make all of this information accessible in a number of ways. Based on our customers’ organizational requirements, KELA’s products are each designed with a unique purpose to ensure that most critical intelligence is available to them in the most scalable and accessible way possible.