KELA’s Cybercrime Attack Surface Intelligence license delivers automated threat intelligence, cultivating the targeted and contextualized insights – at scale – that you need to stay ahead of attackers. Automatically monitor your environment and ensure that targeted threats are mitigated immediately to consistently maintain a strong security posture.


Configure specific assets to track threats to your organization, your supply chain, your executives and your attack surface, so you’re alerted only on threats that matter the most. Cybercrime Attack Surface Intelligence license arms organizations with intelligence that helps them focus security efforts on targeted information relevant specifically to them.

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Cybercrime Attack Surface Intelligence license continuously collects intelligence from a variety of hard-to-reach sources, including cybercrime forums and markets, closed instant messaging channels, and other illicit hacking services. Each source is pre-qualified by KELA’s intelligence experts to reduce noise and ensure that you’re receiving real intelligence from reliable sources.

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Cybercrime Attack Surface Intelligence license monitors an organization’s attack surface, watching the perimeter and domains for exposed databases, open ports and other vulnerable technologies. Network defenders are instantly equipped with contextualized intelligence to understand each weakness in their network and better prioritize mitigation actions.


Cybercrime Attack Surface Intelligence license automatically generates machine-readable reports on intelligence such as leaked databases, exposed ports and hosts in your network, compromised accounts or stolen credit cards. Leverage the flexible Cybercrime Attack Surface Intelligence license API to enrich other key tools in your security infrastructure such as SOAR tools, Threat Intelligence Platforms, and SIEMs with targeted intelligence from the cybercrime underground.


Intuitive and interactive dashboards deliver timely threat intelligence to help you make data-driven decisions. KELA eliminates redundant results, so that you can save time and focus your efforts on real threats before they cause harm.

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Looking to investigate these threats further?

Read more about Cybercrime Investigations – KELA’s robust and flexible technology for cybercrime intelligence investigations.

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The cybercrime underground ecosystem is constantly mutating and evolving. Its most harmful operations are hidden in its darkest corners. KELA penetrates these hard-to-reach corners to automatically collect and analyze this information. KELA’s data lake, the hub where all of this information is securely stored, is the source of all of our intelligence operations. Built with cybercriminal methodologies in mind, KELA’s technologies make all of this information accessible in a number of ways. Based on our customers’ organizational requirements, KELA’s products are each designed with a unique purpose to ensure that most critical intelligence is available to them in the most scalable and accessible way possible.