Complementing KELA’s highly advanced technology, the analysts in our Cyber Intelligence Center (CIC) are dark web masters, continually browsing the cybercrime underground using KELA’s products, to uncover the newest sources, most active threat actors and TTPs, and emerging cybercrime trends.

KELA’s CIC analysts bridge resource gaps and extend your team’s reach, bringing the know-how and connections to uncover details on whatever threats your organization is facing. Extending your intelligence resources, KELA’s CIC analysts act as your integrated but outsourced team that always has your back.


Tailored Intelligence Reporting

KELA’s CIC amplifies your automatically collected intelligence by providing further context on threats and security incidents that have occured. Leverage KELA’s dark web expertise to receive customized reports on your intelligence snapshot and understand what next steps should be taken to mitigate any potential threats.

Threat Actor Analysis & Profiling

KELA analysts are experts in analyzing and identifying threat actors and their TTPs – the tactics, techniques and procedures they use and that frequently change. Our team is active in the hardest-to-reach places in the cybercrime underground to track down these actors and understand their every move before they cause harm.

Ongoing Intelligence Support

KELA’s intelligence team operates globally, enabling you to receive service wherever and whenever you need it. With ex-military intelligence experts situated globally, and more than 20 languages spoken collectively among them, KELA’s team has the regional and lingual expertise that your team needs to maintain a strong security posture.

Account Purchasing

KELA monitors automated shops where cybercriminals are selling compromised accounts, network access, databases and more. As part of KELA’s monitoring service, and according to your requirements, our intelligence experts can purchase these items to have them immediately removed.


KELA’s sophisticated technologies are detecting your exposed scam pages and more items posted by cybercriminals, in real time. Our intelligence experts will work together with your team to help remove these malicious listings from illicit sites so that you can protect your brand and maintain your reputation.

Ongoing responsiveness to RFIs

You can request more information on any topic that you would like KELA’s CIC to further investigate. Our experts will get back to you with a detailed response helping you thoroughly understand the incident to avoid potential harm.

Technical Integration Support

KELA’s automated technologies can all be integrated to your other technologies through their RESTful API compatibility. Our technical support team is available for any assistance on integrations in your security infrastructure.

Daily Threat Intelligence Highlights (TIH)

Following the latest stories in the news and in the cybercrime communities, KELA’s TIH are delivered to our customers every morning so that when they start their day, they’re in the know about the latest cyber crime activities including recent ransomware victims, newly published IOCs, and more.