Who Are We?

KELA gathers, detects, and analyzes intelligence from a curated set of Darknet sources, providing clients with fully targeted and actionable intelligence.

KELA provides intelligence on threats targeting clients using an automated system that monitors a meticulous set of Darknet sources. Our intelligence experts qualify and analyze the threats, ensuring the intelligence is 100% actionable.

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What Do We Offer?

KELA offers unique solutions and services. Read more below and contact us today to get started.

What Makes Us The Best?

  • Intelligence Point of View

    KELA’s process of gathering and analyzing data emulates the thought-process of a hacker prior to an attack.

  • Multi-lingual

    Operating in more than 20 languages, all common in Darknet communities.

  • Hundreds of Curated Sources

    Our analysts scan and handpick additional information sources, ensuring all potential threats are monitored.

  • Targeted Monitoring

    Highly targeted intelligence-gathering prevents any generic, redundant or low-impact threats.

  • Real-Time Actionable Intelligence

    Immediate notifications and 100% actionable alerts of Darknet threats.

  • Technology & Analysts

    Integrating automation and manual oversight by analysts guarantees the most relevant intelligence analysis and remediation process.

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