Illuminate the dark

Where cybercrime threat intelligence and external attack
surface management become one

KELA illuminates the dark web by providing unrivaled visibility into relevant dark web threats – shedding light on and deciphering hidden events, activities, and threat actors that would typically go undetected and unanalyzed.

KELA’s intelligence, contextualized for your specific requirements, enables you to get out in front of threats and reduce organizational risk – saving you time, money and reputational damage.


KELA’s world-class expertise and sophisticated technology arm you with targeted, intelligence insights into adversaries’ behavior across the cybercrime underground – so you can act before the adversary causes harm.

KELA’s managed intelligence services are a force multiplier – expanding your team’s expertise and intelligence analysis efforts. Our industry-leading tools and intelligence strengthen your response capability, including proactive, multi-lingual, follow-the-sun support.


KELA helps organizations worldwide uncover and neutralize their most relevant cybersecurity threats coming from the hardest-to-reach places on the internet.

  • Act and Prevent

    Reduce your attack surface with threat alerts, real-time measurement of risk, and tailored recommendations for mitigation.

  • Research and Threat Hunting

    Leverage the power of KELA’s dark web security data lake and insights to research and analyze threats in real-time for anonymous investigations.

  • Monitor and Analyze

    Gain control over security threats by monitoring the dark web for your most valued assets, to stay alert on potential attacks before it’s too late.

We asked for RFI from two different vendors. KELA gave us much deeper, qualified and targeted research and service, in shorter time than the other vendor.

Director, Cyber Threat Intelligence Group

North-American Bank
Jun 16, 2021

I recently had a POC with another vendor. I have to say that KELA’s product is superior as it provides more targeted alerts. I received 400 unrelated credentials, which took a toll on my team. I appreciated KELA’s targeting as RADARK shows fewer but more relevant alerts.

Head of Security

Canadian Insurance Company
Jun 11, 2021

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